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October 12, 2020

Mallinckrodt Secures Broad Consensus with Key Stakeholders on Comprehensive Chapter 11 Restructuring

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Taking Actions to Achieve a Comprehensive Chapter 11 Restructuring

On October 12, 2020, Mallinckrodt announced important actions the Company is taking to strengthen its financial position and resolve a range of legal liabilities, enabling it to focus on achieving its long-term strategic plans.

Mallinckrodt has entered into several key agreements, including:

  • A restructuring support agreement with key creditors and litigation parties outlining the terms of a financial restructuring designed to strengthen the Company’s balance sheet, significantly reduce its debt and improve its financial position, allowing the Company to continue driving its strategic priorities and investing in its business to develop and commercialize therapies to improve health outcomes for patients;
  • An agreement in principle on an amended proposed opioid settlement that would resolve opioid-related claims against Mallinckrodt and its subsidiaries; and
  • An agreement in principle with the government to resolve various Acthar® Gel-related matters, including the CMS Medicaid rebate dispute.

To implement these agreements in a fair, orderly, efficient and legally binding manner, the Company has voluntarily initiated Chapter 11 proceedings under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The entities that are part of this court-supervised process include Mallinckrodt plc, substantially all of its U.S. subsidiaries, including its Specialty Brands and Specialty Generics entities, and certain of its international subsidiaries.

Mallinckrodt is now on a clear path to eliminating legal uncertainties, maximizing value, strengthening its balance sheet and moving ahead with its strategic plans.

Our Mission Remains the Same

The Company is continuing to operate all of its businesses normally, with a primary focus on developing new therapies, improving patient health outcomes and supporting underserved patients with severe and critical conditions.

Throughout this court-supervised process, Mallinckrodt expects to:

Continue supporting customers and ensuring patients have uninterrupted access to all of its medicines

Meet its go-forward business obligations

Execute on its strategic priorities

The Company intends to move through this restructuring process as quickly as possible and will continue to provide updates as it makes progress.

Important Information About the General Bar Date

Mallinckrodt has reached an important next step in its Chapter 11 reorganization process. The Bankruptcy Court has established February 16, 2021 as the “General Bar Date,” which is the last date on which a Proof of Claim can be filed with Mallinckrodt’s claims agent, Prime Clerk.

If you believe you have a non-opioid claim that arose before the petition date of October 12, 2020 that has not been paid, you should consider filing a Proof of Claim. You may receive a notice in the mail that contains instructions on how to complete the Proof of Claim form, as well as the actual form. Proof of Claim forms may also be completed and filed electronically on the website administered by Prime Clerk, at You should contact your legal or financial advisors should you require assistance in completing the Proof of Claim form.

A separate bar date is established for governmental entities, which is April 12, 2021.

Information for Holders of Opioid Claims

Importantly, the General Bar Date in Mallinckrodt’s Chapter 11 case applies only to non-opioid claims. Opioid claims will be addressed through a separate process. Pursuant to the terms of Mallinckrodt’s amended proposed opioid settlement, opioid claims would be channeled to one or more trusts, which would receive $1.6 billion in structured payments, warrants for up to 19.99% of the reorganized debtors’ equity, and other assets. Updates will be provided at a later date regarding the process by which these trusts will be established and how opioid claims will be addressed.

If you believe you have an opioid claim, you will have the opportunity to participate in the trust process being set up pursuant to Mallinckrodt’s amended proposed opioid settlement. The upcoming General Bar Date of February 16, 2021 (or April 12, 2021 for governmental entities) does not apply to opioid claims.

For more information, please click on and review the General Bar Date FAQ to help address any questions.

Additional Information

Court filings and other information related to the court-supervised process are available:

On a separate website administered by the Company’s claims agent, Prime Clerk, at;

By calling Prime Clerk representatives toll-free in the U.S. and Canada at +1-877-467-1570 or +1-347-817-4093 for international calls; or

By emailing

For all supplier-related inquiries:

Call the Company toll-free in the U.S. at +1-833-954-2209 or +1-314-654-3008 for international calls; or

Email the Company at

Investor Relations
Daniel J. Speciale
Vice President, Finance and IRO

Michael Freitag / Aaron Palash / Aura Reinhard
Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher
(212) 355-4449

Government Affairs
Mark Tyndall
Senior Vice President, Government Affairs
& Chief Counsel, Litigation


Click here for information regarding Mallinckrodt’s Non-Opioid Claims Bar Date